May 22, 2024

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Running a business without setbacks in Spain

Business Issues in Spain | Guides Global

Running a business in any location at all is not an easy feat. This is because it requires a lot of Dos and Don’ts and only a few businesses have been able to master this fact. You could go through the customer reviewing platform; OpinionesEspana, where you can find reviews about different companies and see how good their services are from people that have patronised them before. 

One major key launching a start-up is to know the possible challenges early enough so you can work at avoiding or working around them.

Know your target market

This point cannot be over-emphasized. Knowing your target market in terms of type and size would save you from a lot of possible setbacks. Spain is a country known for its diverse culture and community, hence, your business has to be dynamic enough to serve the different types of people resident there.

Another factor is the market size. The market size varies per region and is also very dependent on the type of business in question. Small market size is an indicator of possible little gains in the business, which is not the expectation of every business owner. 

Finding the right labour

Getting the best man for the job is not an easy task everywhere in the world, with Spain being no exception. A standard recruitment process in Spain involves spending money and time both to recruit and to train them afterwards. This is because Spain is not particularly known to have the best-skilled labour in the country. 

However, knowing the game and playing it right is therefore very important. Skilled labour can be lured into the business with benefits like the cost of living, diverse culture and other attractions that Spain has to offer. 

The bureaucratic process

This is one aspect of Spain that most people find hard to deal with; both individuals and businesses. The number of paper works and stamping processes required in Spain can be quite frustrating for business owners, especially if there was no prior knowledge of it. Luckily, the administration is fast catching up and digitising, however, it still has a long way to go in this regard. 

Getting local funding

Funding is one aspect of business that every owner hopes to soar at. Before funding can be settled, you have to get trustworthy locals you can partner with so they serve as a bridge between you and intending investors. Due to the low number of investing opportunities, investors in Spain are known to be generalists, so your business proposal has to be really attractive and a notch higher for you to be considered. 

Tax payment

It is a given that all businesses are required to pay taxes. The payment process in Spain is a tedious one, requiring long hours to settle the different payments required. 


With the rate of digitalization of business, electricity becomes a must for all businesses. Electricity bills in Spain amount to quite a lot, majorly as a result of the different procedures that needs to be undergone for you to be connected to the national grid.