July 19, 2024

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What Spanish Business Should You Patronise?

What Spanish Business Should You Patronise?

What Spanish Business Should You Patronise?

Spain’s economy has witnessed its own fair share of ups and downs in the last decade.  In the last decade, the country experienced a bad episode of recession, bankruptcy and was also rated with a high figure of unemployment rate. 

However, the country has managed to gradually scale up amidst all this news in recent times and is gradually returning to its pre-crisis stage. This gradual scale-up can be largely attributed to the recent growth and development occurring in the tech sector. Start-ups in this field seem to have mastered the secrets of how to create a business in Spain. Platforms like OpinionesEspana have customer reviews on different startup companies, rating the quality of their service to customers irrespective of this shaky economic factor.. 

As such, some of the most successful start-ups you should consider patronising in Spain are;

Glovo app

This is an app that focuses on the delivery of anything; from food down to packages from the post office by connecting clients with local couriers. It functions as an on-demand service. Founded in 2015, it has received a total of about €37.1m in 5 funding and also claimed the acquisition of Foodinho in 2016.

The company has launched its app in a total of 91 cities across 21 countries and hopes to expand even more in the coming years.


This is a travel booking and management platform that is perfect for businesses and individuals that do a lot of business traveling. This start-up has found a way to digitalise the way businesses budget, book, and plan business travels. 

Founded in 2015, the platform can be used to book flights from an inventory and it is free to access. It has gotten total funding of about $8-5m and has its lead investor as spark capital. 


This one is particularly very helpful to new residents of the country who are in the quest for a job. Cornerjob is an application on which job seekers can register and apply for a job without much stress. If after applying, the client selects the applicant, discussions between both of them can continue on this platform.

This application has been proven very useful with over 11 million app downloads and more than 300,000 companies making use of their platform for employment. Other services offered by Cornerjob are handling all possible staffing needs, provided the staff was gotten from their platform. 


This platform utilises the use of e-commerce as a means to enhance the social and humanitarian projects of the world. So, it developed a widget that can be strategically positioned on sites by websites. This widget aids the website users to donate to charitable projects. Recently, the company advanced and developed a channel for donations at pos. This encourages customers to donate a few cents to social causes. 

Successful start-ups in Spain are not limited to the above as other start-ups are progressing in different spheres of life. Even more are upcoming start-ups that have promising futures ahead of them. These start-ups all together help in boosting the economic growth of the country, while also increasing growth and profit for the owners.